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Full Name – Emma Renee Engle

Date of Birth – May 18, 2003

State – Houston, Texas

Zodiac Sign – Taurus

Occupation – Actress & Model


Emma Engle is 5’3 and wears a size 7 1/2 shoe she is in public school going into 10 grade, she have’s 5 sisters and 1 brother, she also has 3 dogs. She’s got golden honey brown hair and loves to go to as many auditions as she can and workshops. Emma’s favorite stores are Tilly’s and Fashion Nova, favorite color is blue and shoes are Vans. Emma a big Dakota fanning and Adam Sandler fan she would love to work with both of them in the future. I ask her about doing this fan site and she said I can she don’t post on here or anything but got permission to use the bio she wrote herself on her website. She does know about this fan page and said she like it a lot and that made my day. All pictures and vids belong to her so please don’t take from my site and post them some were else thanks. Watch Emma Sept 28th on Code Black CBS channel she looks great. Lets get Emma verified on facebook go like and follow thanks https://www.facebook.com/emmaengle/

Biography by Emma Engle

I may be little but I have HUGE dreams.I just recently became SAG and this was a awesome accomplishment. I am the youngest of 5 children. I moved to California from Texas at age 7 to pursue my lifelong dream of working as a fulltime actress. During my free time I enjoy learning scripts and brushing up on my actink skills by taking as many workshops and classes as I can convince my mom to take me too. I have done many national commercials and a few films. I just had the oppurtunity to work on one of my FAVORITE SHOWS on Nickelodeon Sam & Cat. I had the time of my life. I am a HUGE Dan Schneider fan and meeting him was heavenly.

I model I my spare time and I can be seen in magazines, stores and the web for such compaines like Miss Me Jeans, NFL, NBA,Junk Food,Primark,Sportsmasters,WetSeal and my FAVORITE American Girl just to name a few.

Although I had done a lot in the past two years and I am so proud but my real goal will have been met when I get to spend time on set with Adam Sandler or Johnny Depp.
I love to skateboard, swim and rollerskate,I also enjoy singing and writing stories, its is one of my favorite things to do. I am not sure if being the youngest of 5 has anything to do with it but I am also very competeative and love a good challenge.
I competed in IMTA Los Angeleas in 2012 and walked away with” Most Sought After Actress Of The Year,“”Child Model Of The Year” among many others.
It was a life changeing experience that helped show me if you want something bad enough you have to fight for it.
I am not whre I am going yet but I am not where I have been either so I look forward to the road ahead of me and I am so excited to share it with all of you.

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